My Beginners lessons teach you at a comfortable pace.  You'll learn tile recognition, rules of play, how to set up and select your hand and basic strategy.  National Mah Jongg League (NMJL) cards are available for purchase if needed and I have sets for sale as well.

Sundays, 10:00a - 2:00p, August 12 & 19  ($175)

Did you learn the basics of the game from a friend and want to learn more?  Haven't played in a few years?  Want to pick up some tips for getting back up to speed?  This is the class for you!  Students taking this class will already recognize tiles, know how to read the NMJL card and understand basic rules of play. 

(not offered at this time)

Are you not winning as often as you want to?  Do you get confused and frustrated during the Charleston when you try to pick a hand?  This is the class for you!  This class goes beyond the basics and teaches you how to spot hands during the Charleston, when to be nimble and when to pick a hand and stick to it, and how to use the strategy of the current NMJL card to increase your wins and sharpen your game until you, too, are a Shark! 

(not offered at this time)

All classes are held in northern San Francisco near Van Ness and Lombard St.  I offer discounts for groups of three or more (take your lessons with your friends or spouse/partner!).  I also offer discounts for current or veteran military members and their immediate families.  You must pre-register for all classes, and can do so by using the form below or emailing me directly at info[at]

Mah-jongg is quite the popular game these days, and is perfect for your group of friends that want to try something new and different!  I'm SO looking forward to introducing it to you Very Soon!

Pick Your Class Thursdays in Sept $175.00 USD

San Francisco Mah-Jongg!

Students' First Mahj!


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I've taught many, many students this wonderful game and I've zeroed in on the best way to teach players of all ages and skill levels.  My program is designed so that you can learn in a relaxed and friendly environment in the way that is best for the Way YOU Learn.